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Tricio provides high-quality, independent and, above-all, personalised investment support for professional wealth managers and advisers. By working closely with you and understanding your investment philosophy and process we can help you add value for your clients.

What we do

What we do

Our Tricio Insights service provides independent investment research publications which distil the key themes in markets and investment products and identify the best ways to achieve return objectives, balanced against risk.


Our Tricio CIO service gives ongoing, on-demand support to your investment needs at all times. You and your team will get our thoughts and ideas directly on a regular basis, adding personal and discreet participation to help your firm achieve the best performance for your clients. We are proud of our ’Ask a Buddy’ service where clients can raise any issues at any time – anything from questions on economic data or trends, on portfolios, on asset allocation, hedging strategies and more. We will also meet you at least quarterly to provide detailed and relevant independent input, tailored to your needs, either as part of your regular investment meetings or separately. 

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

As advisors, we are committed to listen carefully to clients’ needs, and to be straight-talking and clear in our answers and suggestions. Our advice is independent: we are not tied to any product or service provider. We believe achieving successful investment outcomes requires discipline, a relentless focus on quality and a strong international orientation.​​

  • Discipline: The investment process must be disciplined, rigorous and careful, always recognising the trade-offs between risk and return and the realities of liquidity management.

  • Quality: The investment process must focus on quality – the quality of the underlying businesses, the quality of the market securities and, for funds, the quality of the investment managers. 

  • International: We believe that not only are there great opportunities around the world for returns and diversification, but that it is risky to focus excessively on the UK.

Our story

Our story

We spent our careers before Tricio at firms including American Express Bank (AEB), Standard Chartered, Bank of America and HSBC. We regularly delivered research, strategy papers and presentations for our colleagues and clients, ranging across the whole spectrum from private bank customers and investment committees, to corporate treasuries and hedge funds. 


Clients would come to us with a wide range of questions on everything to do with investment management, including economic data and events, asset allocation, market movements, investment product selection and risk management. We helped our colleagues and clients with making and implementing decisions, advising on investment funds, structured products and portfolio strategies. The emphasis was on taking controlled risks in the market in order to achieve positive returns. Time frames ranged from weeks to years. 


We realised that if we combined our skill sets, we could provide financial advisors and investors with a truly integrated, independent view of markets together with actionable solutions. The final investment decisions are still very much with our clients. But we aim to provide the very best information and perspective possible, always being a helpful Buddy. We take great pride in helping clients understand the risks and opportunities that investing and hedging entail, so that they can achieve their goals. 

Tricio Insights

Weekly, monthly and quarterly publications from the Tricio team providing market outlooks, asset allocations and investment themes. Regular short and punchy video podcasts on our investment views and market trends. Actionable ideas and topical views to address the questions that your clients will be asking.

Tricio CIO

Regular on-line meetings bespoke to your needs and our 'Ask a Buddy' service give you full access to our experienced CIO team. You can also add one or more investment support modules tailored to your wealth management, financial advisory and corporate treasury needs.

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