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Tricio CIO

This is our personalised service tailored to your needs. For a typical client the core is a regular quarterly meeting focussed on your investment concerns and requirements, together with our ‘Ask a Buddy’ service – where we serve as your Investment Buddy and offer insight into questions that you and your investment committee may have. 

  • Ask a Buddy (direct access to our specialists for ongoing independent support and bespoke solutions). Just send us a question (by email is easiest). We will come back to you quickly with our answer and let you know if the inquiry requires more time

  • Quarterly online investment meeting (or more often as suitable). We go through the economic and market outlook with you, identify risks and opportunities, and address any issues you have. We provide follow up as necessary.

  • Focussed on your investment needs. We are your Buddy and want to maintain a dialogue to help you all the way. 

Optional Modules

To complete our Tricio CIO service, the Tricio team can offer you additional investment support modules. You can choose any combination of these modules which are designed to address specific areas of your investment business. We will tailor the services to fit your business requirements:

  • Bespoke asset allocation – going beyond the model asset allocation that we normally provide to clients, we can produce tailored asset allocation models that meet the specific investment needs of you and your clients.

  • Bespoke independent investment advice – this module is ideal if you need an independent expert to sit on your investment committee, or need a regular independent check on your investment process. Again, we will tailor our involvement to fit your requirements.

  • Investment selection and analysis – for this module, you can benefit from our knowledge in novel types of investments and alternative asset classes, helping you to select the right investment and in setting up the related processes.

  • Investment products and solutions developments – we have helped firms to develop bespoke investment products for their clients, including in-house funds and discretionary management propositions. If you are thinking of doing the same, this module is for you.


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