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We offer four broad areas of services, summarised here and detailed below:

Tricio CIO. Portfolio construction, asset allocation, market strategies, fund analysis, economic forecasting.

Investment process support. To meet the high standards required from regulators and clients.

White label publications. Compelling publications for your clients.

Tricio Insights. Our suite of weekly, monthly and quarterly research publications, webinars and analyst access.

Tricio CIO

Our personalised service offers regular in-depth meetings where we address your investment needs and concerns, together with our ‘Ask a Buddy’ service – access to our specialists where we provide bespoke answers to your queries, as an ‘Investment Buddy’ should. You can also add investment support service modules, so you can benefit the most from the experienced Tricio team building great investments with you for your clients.

At the regular investment committee meetings we will go through the economic and market outlook with you, identify risks and opportunities, and address any issues you have. We will discuss and strive to answer all your questions, and are able to provide follow up information and thoughts as necessary. Our ‘Ask a Buddy’ service gives you the opportunity to raise any issue with us at any time, whether following on from the regular meeting or a new question. Just drop us an email and we will come back to you quickly with our responses (by email or if you prefer by phone or special webinar). We maintain a dialogue with you as a valued team member or ‘investment buddy’ to support you all the way.


Our additional modules can offer tailored insights into asset allocation, independent views into your investment process and regular investment meetings, help you with investment selection and analysis, and provide investment product and solutions development, along with risk analysis.

Investment process support

Regulators now insist on a robust investment process that is in the best interest of the client and meets the PROD rules and related COBS rules. These rules are frequently changing and we can help you navigate through. We can audit what you have and/or help develop it so it meets regulators’ and clients’ expectations. We can also provide full documentation for your process, which is very important for regulators.

White label publications

Providing high quality publications is crucial for gaining and maintaining clients. Such materials can also provide talking points for calls to clients. We can prepare compelling publications for your clients, either on a white label basis (your logo etc) or under the Tricio label. Always meeting high quality standards and deadlines. We can do this weekly, monthly, quarterly or whatever frequency makes sense for you. Some clients also take our input as a basis for their own client letters, so they can edit and add their own personal touch as required.

Tricio Insights

Our independent economic and global cross market research publications are specially crafted for investment managers, advisors and professional investors.  


Our quarterly ‘Economics for Investment’ journal is written by John Calverley where he distils over 40 years of advising corporate treasurers, fund managers, private bank wealth advisors and customers into insights on the global and key country economic cycles and trends. Using his proprietary ‘SOLVER’ cycle and investment model, Tricio provides recommended asset allocation to benefit from taking reasonable market risk. 


Our monthly ‘Tricio Insights’ publication covers global cross asset market research, current themes such as investing for income, ESG factors, and a product insight section as we go ‘Under the Bonnet’ to explain how certain investment products do and don’t work. 


Our weekly ‘Talking Points’ bulletin gives our customers investment ideas and topical views to help address the questions that your clients will be asking you.

Other Services

  • Tricio Investment Advisors can also be engaged for a variety of bespoke projects.

  • In depth financial product research

  • Bespoke thematic economic and investment research

  • Training on economic cycles, indicators, financial instruments and investment products

  • Structured product solution design and research

  • Investment fund development, indexing design and ETP/ETF construction

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