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Tricio has been working with professional investors on different areas relating to investments. You can find some examples below.

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Bespoke asset allocation


A UK wealth manager approached one of Tricio's specialist. Their team was running income portfolios for retired private clients on a discretionary basis. But the performance was not good and some clients were unhappy with the variability of the income they received.


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Ongoing investment support to professional investors

A young team with a UK stockbroker was asked to start running a new fund. With a lack of experience and process, the firm approached one of Tricio's specialists for help for ongoing investment support and oversight.


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Specialist investment selection


A small multi-family office was looking at fixed income investments backed by real assets. The firm wanted one of our specialists to review these securities to make sure that the investments were used by the firm’s advisers in an appropriate manner.


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Investment product and solutions development ​


An international security house worked with one of our specialists to create a new investible index for the Chinese stock market based on its superb track record in picking the right sectors. The index would be used both for high net worth clients and for investment funds.


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