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Case studies - Tricio in action

The founding members of Tricio Investment Advisors have worked with many firms on different investment solutions. Some examples are below. If you have any questions please email us at or call us on +44 (0)20 3855 5830 and we will be happy to help.

Bespoke asset allocation


A UK wealth manager approached James Chu, Tricio’s Head of Investment Solutions. Their team was running income portfolios for retired private clients on a discretionary basis. But the performance was not good and some clients were unhappy with the variability of the income they received.


What did James do?

Ongoing investment support to professional investors

A UK stockbroker was asked to start running a new fund. With a lack of experience and process, the firm approached James Chu, Tricio’s Head of Investment Solutions, for help for ongoing investment support and oversight.

What did James do?

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Specialist investment selection


A multi-family office was looking at fixed income investments backed by real assets. The firm wanted James Chu, Tricio’s Head of Investment Solutions, to review these securities to ensure that the investments were used by the firm’s advisers in an appropriate manner.


What did James do?

Investment product and solutions development ​


An international security house wanted to create a new investible index for the Chinese stock market based on its superb track record in picking the right sectors. In addition, a UK broker wanted bespoke equity indices to track UK small-cap shares. Gerry Celaya, Tricio’s Chief Strategist, was asked to help.


What did Gerry do?

Other examples of specialist investment support

A major corporation based in the UK received an FX hedging proposal from the derivatives desk of a US investment bank. The company wasn’t too sure about the complexity of the proposal, and if it really addressed their needs. Gerry Celaya, Tricio’s Chief Strategist, was asked to help.

What did Gerry do?

A private bank fund desired senior input into their asset allocation process and discussion of global economic risks. They asked John Calverley, Tricio’s Chief Economist, to help.


What did John do?

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