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Tricio Monthly Insights - Best start in forty years?

Our investment monthly for July 2023 provides detailed market analysis of equity, bond, commodity, currency, credit and emerging markets. We kept our asset allocation unchanged, but did discuss the risk of China devaluing their currency in a bid to stimulate their economy. This bears watching. In our regular features, our ESG investment column discusses the need for better ESG indices, not more of them. Investing for Yield looks at cash being king again. Under the Bonnet looks at the Fed's dot-plots, while Jargon Buster discusses thematic investing. To receive this and other publications please subscribe to Tricio Insights.

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The currency market is at a key juncture. Major central banks may be near their 'peak' rate for this cycle, while the Bank of Japan has kept rates below 0% and is still offering a lot of stimulus to t

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