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Tricio Monthly Insights - Between the hammer and the anvil

Our investment monthly for July provides detailed market analysis of equity, bond, commodity, currency, credit and emerging markets. This month, we discuss raising our asset allocation to US investment grade corporate bonds to market neutral. We also reduced our European equity asset allocation to neutral. In our regular features, we discuss some of the problems of introducing the young discipline of ESG for investors. Investing for Yield looks at whether yields in some sovereign debt markets (and a corporate bond that is under pressure) are high enough to attract investors, Under the Bonnet discusses the S&P 500 ESG index, while Jargon Buster explains 'recession'. To receive this and other publications please subscribe to Tricio Insights.

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Rate hike expectations are shifting swiftly across the major FX rates as US bank wobbles and fears spread. This is making FX rates jumpy, and further choppy trading looks likely in the near term. Our

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