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Tricio Monthly Insights - Central bank risk into year end

Our investment monthly for December 2023 provides detailed market analysis of equity, bond, commodity, currency, credit and emerging markets. We kept our asset allocation unchanged, but noted the rally in US and UK small-cap shares. At some point this may build into cause to shift from a neutral to overweight allocation. We also discussed the overweight allocation to US bonds (sovereign, TIPS and investment grade corporate credit). If US 10-yr. note yields hit 3.6% or lower new allocations may consider neutral allocations, with a medium term range trading scenario potentially unfolding. In our regular features, our ESG investment column discusses COP28 and avoiding doing bad with regards to carbon emissions or actually doing good as far as investors are concerned. Investing for Yield looks at equity market dividend heroes. Under the Bonnet looks at AI and productivity growth while Jargon Buster discusses bear market steepeners. To receive this and other publications please subscribe to Tricio Insights.

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