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Tricio Monthly Insights - Climbing walls of worry

Our investment monthly for January provides detailed market analysis of equities, bonds, commodities, currencies, credit and emerging markets. We look at upside prospects for equities and the US dollar and downside risks for bonds as central banks tighten. In our regular features, ESG looks at our calls in 2021 and how they worked out, Investing for Yield suggests ideas for income for 2022, Under the Bonnet examines the theory and practice of rebalancing and Jargon Buster looks at different kinds of ESG screening. To receive this and other publications please subscribe to Tricio Insights.

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Focus - Currency Matters May 2024

Central bank rate moves and interventions are key for FX market direction this year. We look at the money market curves, central bank policies, and reassert our view that the USD will give up ground t


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