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Tricio Monthly Insights - Looking ahead

Our investment monthly for December provides detailed market analysis of equities, bonds, commodities, currencies, credit and emerging markets. Our asset allocation update shows a move to overweight UK small cap. equities, a move to neutral (from underweight) in UK large cap. equities and a reduction to neutral in Japanese equities and a move to underweight cash. In the markets section we look at emerging markets with a view on investors having do take a view on the heavy China weighting in most indices. In our regular features - ESG looks at the case for emerging markets. Investing for Yield looks at goal based asset allocation, Under the Bonnet casts an eye on factor investing ETFs and Jargon Buster explains 'Operation Twist' which may be in the spotlight at the Fed meeting next week. To receive this and other publications regularly, please subscribe to Tricio Insights.

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