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Tricio Monthly Insights - Where is the fear?

Our investment monthly for July provides detailed market analysis of equities, bonds, commodities, currencies, credit and emerging markets. In the markets section we examine equity indices in the US that continue to make new all-time highs, the FTSE 100 in the UK that is expected to draw in further interest and the TOPIX in Japan that is holding up despite the negative headlines this summer. Bond yields sank last month while credit markets are seeing compressed spreads. The USD is pushing higher against major currencies as the Fed brings the timing of their first rate hike potentially forward. Emerging markets are examined to note their diverging fortunes as China marks time while indices in Mexico are near record highs and Taiwan is still doing well. In our regular features - ESG examines the performance of compliant investments, Investing for Yield looks at higher yield risk for investors, Under the Bonnet examines momentum indicators, Jargon Buster explains equity risk premium. To receive this and other publications regularly, please subscribe to Tricio Insights.

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