Supporting new investment professionals

Tricio does not only act as investment buddies with professional investors. We are also investment buddies with those who are studying finance and investments, as well as those who are pursuing the necessary qualifications in the industry. 


We actively work with organisations that support these aspiring and passionate professionals. Through webinars, online discussions, articles and projects, Tricio further strengthens what these aspiring professionals have learnt in their studies with practical applications in real-life situations. 

Financial Adviser Mentorship Group (FAM) is an informal mentoring group on Linkedin founded by Benjamin Beck. It aims to help aspiring advisers and second careerists into the financial planning profession. The help is provided by existing experienced advisers, investment professionals and national training providers.
Tricio holds regular webinars with the FAM group members and provides different contents to help the members' understanding of economics and investments. Our aim is to show members how to apply investment theories in real life situations.

Global Career Accelerators (GCA) provide sandboxed environments for young people, so that they can gain the knowledge, skills and experience to help them towards their career aspirations.

Working alongside current academic ambitions, participants effectively “go to work” within a cutting-edge blended environment of simulated work and real-world projects. This ensures an active development of both soft and technical skills.


GCA works with partners in finance and investment. Tricio has been collaborating with GCA on selected investment research projects.