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Your Investment Buddy

Tricio provides independent financial market insights and tailored support for wealth managers and advisers. 

Tricio CIO. Portfolio construction, asset allocation, market strategies, fund analysis.

Investment process support. To meet the high standards required from regulators and clients.

White label publications. Compelling publications for your clients.

Tricio Insights. Weekly, monthly and quarterly research publications, webinars and analyst access.


Tricio CIO

We can work with your CIO or investment committee to provide support with investment decisions including portfolio construction, asset allocation, market strategies, fund analysis and more. Many money managers are too busy meeting their end-clients and developing new business to give actually managing the money the time and resources it deserves. Regulators now look for a robust investment decision-making process and clients look for evidence that your firm has the ability to understand economic and market trends. We will sit down with you and work through what you need to take better investment decisions. It may be materials for your investment meeting, or our experienced principals attending your meeting, reviewing allocations or assessing particular asset classes or individual funds. All precisely tailored to your needs. 

Tricio Insights

Our own suite of weekly, monthly and quarterly research publications covering economics and markets can help you and your staff. Our Weekly Talking Points discusses the latest and upcoming economic data releases and market moves, so you can be fully up-to-date when talking to clients. Our Monthly Insights covers key topics in investments (under the headings of Jargon Buster, Under the Bonnet, ESG and Investing for Yield) as well as trends in all the major asset classes (with charts). It also includes our Asset Allocation recommendations (reviewed monthly). Our flagship quarterly Economics for Investment looks at the latest economic trends in the major countries, together with market valuations and risks.

Investment process support

White label publications

Regulators now insist on a robust investment process, meeting precise standards and protocols. We can audit what you have and/or help develop it so it meets regulators’ and clients’ expectations. We can also provide full documentation for the process, which is very important for regulators.

We can prepare compelling publications for your clients, either on a white label basis (your logo etc) or under the Tricio label. We can provide weekly, monthly, quarterly or whatever frequency publications make sense for you. Publications help gain and retain clients and contribute to the reputation of your firm. They can also provide talking points for calls to clients.

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